This blog comes from guest writer, and Copper Quail Consulting (CQC) HR Intern, Shweta Deokule, MBA! Shweta holds an MBA and several HR certifications. She and Tara Bethell, CQC Founder, recently attended an event featuring Harriet Dominique who serves as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs at USAA as a lead up to the 100th (!) anniversary of the 19th Amendment, allowing women the right to vote in the United States. The following article shares Shweta’s thoughts form this event and her life.

Shweta Deokule, HR Intern, CQC

Family Values

“We were raised by our parents to hold a family and all the bonds of society together. In some way or the other, we always acted the way society wanted us to – blinding ourselves with the imposed values and forgetting what we as a woman are or what we want.

As a woman, do we really ask these questions to ourselves, “How can I respect other women? Or how can I not be biased toward other women?”

Just think about this – We as women are biased toward each other by commenting on beauty, appearance, body shaming etc. It’s time that we show respect and stand for each other in thick and thin times. Many women tend to go through stress, depression, suicidal ideations, and think they are not worth anything. Many go through “Imposter Syndrome” which is a feeling of inadequacy even if you are successful; you feel you just got lucky and it is not due to your skills or hard work.

Even the Uber-Successful Struggle

Harriet Dominique who serves as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs at USAA shared her experience of being harassed based on her looks and appearance during her childhood. Specifically around the shaming she received from neighbors, coworkers, and complete strangers for being overweight. She states, “It was difficult to survive everyday around the same people and I was demotivated and blamed myself for everything that was wrong.”

After the bad experiences in her life, she surrounded herself with positive thoughts and motivated herself to give the best she can and be strong for herself. She states, “Live your life like a free spirit, learn to embrace yourself and break the societal myths.”

Harriet Dominique, SVP, USAA

Harriet’s Six Rules to Becoming BeYOUtiful:

  1. Try to be better not bitter.
  2. Write your own narrative.
  3. Live your own story.
  4. Be generous, volunteer and spread happiness.
  5. Be your radiant self.
  6. Be an ally for others.

We as women should celebrate each other and be united together. Love yourself, be confident and always think positive!”

How are you supporting the brave, amazing, wonderful woman you are and those in your close circle right now? We’d love to know! Drop a comment below.


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