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Your employees are your most valuable asset. Do they feel that way?

Unemployment is currently 3.7% across the U.S. and 4.7% in Arizona*. Takeaway? The best talent in town is already employed!

Further, 51% of the 40 million people in the U.S. that quit their jobs in 2018 did so voluntarily*. Takeaway? Talent is in charge of their employment destiny!

So the questions for your organization are: Do your employees feel valued? Do you know their needs preferences, and goals? Are there systems in place to grow and develop them? Are they healthy? Are they having fun? Do they want to stay?

Does your organization need a boost of energy to recruit, retain, and develop top talent? Copper Quail Consulting blends approaches from human resources, organization development, strategic planning, and whole person wellness to create customized solutions for each client to increase vitality in your workplace.

*Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Tami Nealy
Tami NealyVP Communications + PR, Find Your Influence

Working with Tara was such an enjoyable experience. Our team needed guidance to develop some standard HR language and Tara was genius. She asked questions to understand our business, actively listened to our feedback and delivered a set of documents that not only met our initial request but exceeded our expectations. Tara's energy and enthusiasm is contagious and we are already exploring ways we can work together again.

Korry Nelson
Korry NelsonFounder & Chief Design Specialist, Razor Consulting

Working with Tara has been an amazing experience and we look forward to many future interactions with Copper Quail Consulting! Tara is highly knowledgeable in the field of human resource management, staff engagement, retention and wellness - and would even say she is an expert. Her experience is matched not only by her charismatic personality but by her overall amazingly positive energy and passion in everything she does. We look forward to many future business experiences with her and Copper Quail!

Angela Bray
Angela BrayPayroll / Accounting, Preach Incorporated

We have had the pleasure of working with Tara this past year. We feel like we have found the answer to our prayers! She is so knowledgeable about many different HR areas. If she doesn’t have the answer to our question or problem, she will find one. We feel very secure in the fact that we can trust the information she gives us, and it is always VERY helpful. We have had her helping in many different areas. It has taken the stress off of us! We will continue to load our “Bucket of Hours”! Thank you Tara!!

Russ Kimberlin
Russ KimberlinManaging Member, Kimberlin Company, PLLC

Tara came to our office and cleaned up our employee files. She brought our firm in to compliance with current regulations and did it all with her energetic and bubbly personality! She was patient with our lack of understanding of the current rules and regulations and took the time to show us how to remain compliant. We would highly recommend Tara and her services for any potential customers!

Christy Moore, MSW
Christy Moore, MSWFounder & Owner, Social Spin

Tara Bethell and Copper Quail Consulting is our go-to resource for HR support. We initially relied on her to establish our human resources policies, procedures and practices. It was so simple! She created everything we need from our employment application to performance review forms. Now she helps us navigate complex HR issues and creates custom training. In addition to being a recognized leader in her field, Tara is a really good person. She's beautifully authentic, super supportive, non-judgmental and a ton of fun to work with.

Julia C. Patrick
Julia C. PatrickCEO and Founder, American Nonprofit Academy

Tara Bethell is a professional advisor who brings a calm, yet specific enlightenment to her clients. She is capable of assessing a situation quickly, efficiently and with real world solutions. Understanding the needs of a team, stakeholders and leadership, Tara is able to bring all types of groups to the same table. I marvel at her ability to make the nonprofit sector realize it’s promise of solving problems and achieving mission.

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