What are you doing with your newfound time since you’re not commuting to work as often as you used to? Why not use that time to sharpen your skills & support your community?!

With the newfound time many folks have from less commuting, traveling, or going out, it is the perfect opportunity to volunteer in your community.

There are myriad nonprofits and small businesses in need of pro bono support to make it through this difficult time. Professionals, you can keep your skills sharp sharing knowledge or piloting a new program/theory with a local organization. Especially if you have expertise in business planning, business development, marketing, social media, diversity and inclusion, organization development, HR, etc.

You could be the stroke of luck a business needs to pivot their strategy, increase their marketing, or build up their diversity. What a way to grow both professionally and support your community! 

Need ideas on a small business or nonprofit to reach out to? Drop me a note! I know tons of great organizations in the Valley!

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