People & Culture

Carl Endenburg

Carl has 16 years Search and Headhunting exposure throughout the world including, Europe, Canada, Dubai, Australia and within the African continent. Carl currently holds board positions in SET Consulting which specialises in a worldwide permanent solution and SET Secondments that offers a temporary/project solution as well as Copper Quail Global where he is responsible for driving all operations throughout Africa. Carl has a passion for the African Continent and is passionate about making a difference on the ground. Carl spends much of his time traveling into Africa, ascertaining and learning the specific needs of multi sectors according to their multifaceted cultural, economic and political frameworks. He has successfully headhunted across various industries including Telecoms, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Media, FMCG and the Oil and Gas Industry.

Natasha Kirchmann

For the past 16 years Natasha has built executive, senior and project teams with in the Private Equity, Engineering, Mining, Natural Resources, Social Development and Infrastructure sectors throughout Africa. She has experience working in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, Botswana, DRC and Ghana and has been instrumental in the facilitation of complex and multi-cultural scenarios. Natasha is effective in identifying funders and supporting Government, Private Sector and Community relations as a key personal objective is to find shared value platforms for all within the African context. Due to her constant central position in these projects she is able to network and build appropriate business connections in support of her clients.

Mark Shreffler

Mark’s role is to ensure that current and future teams of people work to maximum positive effect within their environment. By ensuring that people understand themselves, their context and each other we can improve on organizational performance in a very powerful and effective way. Mark’s passion for creating productive and high-morale teams has taken him to 25 countries over the past 2 1/2 decades. He stopped consulting many years ago because he recognized that far greater value would be gained if he taught his clients how he did what he did. Mark began training people in the fundamentals of management, sales and customer service. He harnessed the enthusiasm generated in his workshops by imploring his attendees to apply what they had learned to their own groups and companies, and teach to others the fundamentals they had learned. In the African context this is critical to organizational success. The general ethos has become somewhat negative and or toxic in some environments. Mark eradicates that and allows organizational genius to come to the forefront where leaders can lead and teams are empowered to operate efficiently and successfully. He has operated in; Russia, Australia, Mexico, United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, India, Thailand.

Emery Brusset

Emery specialises in the evaluation of social development interventions, with a focus on complex environments - either fast moving, or crisis. After a brief career in UN humanitarian missions in Iraq, Bosnia, Sudan and Rwanda, Mr Brusset became an independent evaluation consultant in 1994, working for Governments, the UN and NGOs, and progressively developing social assessments for the private sector (primarily oil and gas, mining, and consumer goods). He has participated in the launch of Sirius, which is an ethical recruitment agency for the Indian Ocean. Emery is now the Director of Social Terrain, supporting projects that demonstrate both a social impact and a financial return. Mr Brusset is a French national and a graduate of Yale University and the London School of Economics.

Greg Heale

Project and opportunity alignment , Greg has spent some 45 years in the Project Management and Construction field in mining, industrial plant, utility power stations, oil and gas including platforms and infrastructure projects. Projects have been all over Southern and Central Africa including Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Swaziland, Botswana and Angola and he has travelled on business to several other sub-Saharan African countries. Greg has been ASQC Eng. certified and since 1988, has been Director of Operations, Construction, Commercial Director and Group Sales and Marketing Director for international Engineering Companies prior to his appointment as Business Development Director at Group Five. He now is responsible for major elements of Group Strategic Business Development and understands the local and African context intimately. Greg also lectures in Economics and Marketing in part-time management advancement programs and is able to consult on management and project issues to all our clients.


Copper Quail Global has an entrepreneurial culture of high energy and passionate input into economic growth opportunities within Africa. Dedicated to find solutions, partnerships and platforms where we can add value to all with whom we engage. Business success results in socio economic advancement and we are committed and dedicated to the success and constant improvement of the livelihoods of all Africans while enjoying a journey of continual growth and learning.